ASB Showground 1

ASB Showgrounds Hall 2

217 Greenlane West, Epsom, Auckland.

Ticket: Free Entry!

Exhibition schedule:

calendar.png   Saturday 14th October 2017 9am-5pm

calendar.png   Sunday 15th October 2017 9am-4pm

Visit the Auckland Outdoor Expo 2017

This event is a travel show that caters towards the 170,000 ethnic Chinese living in Auckland. This is the 3rd year with each year getting bigger; with last year attracting 10000+ visitors over the two days. The Expo connects the ethnic Chinese people living in New Zealand with companies offering attractions and holidays around NZ and internationally.
Look for great deals as well as meeting with experts from activities or destinations you may be considering for their next adventure.

Transport option

By BusBus
The bus stop is located outside the main entrance of the ASB Showgrounds

By trainTrain
The Greenlane train station is a short 15 min walk away.

For more bus and train information, check out the Auckland Transport website at or call 0800 10 30 80.

By airFrom the Airport
Auckland airport is approximately 15km from ASB Showgrounds. You can get to the show from the airport by taxi, airport shuttle or by the Airport Flyer bus which will leave you with a 25 min walk to the AB Showgrounds.

By taxiTaxi
Get a group of friends and taxi to the show! Share the fare and enjoy the expo. when you're ready to leave the show, just organise a taxi to pick you up outside.

By bicycleBicycle
Why not get fit at the same time?


Time: Oct. 14, 10:30am - 11:30am


MC: Nicole Turners & Kevin Sun
10:00-10:30 VIPs arrive and visit the Expo
10:30- 10:35 MC Introduce the VIPs
Mr. Zhang Fan
Commercial Councillor of Economic & Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy
中华人民共和国驻新西兰大使馆商务参赞 张帆
Mr. Chen Jing
Commercial Consul of Economic & Commercial Office of Chinese Consulate in Auckland
Mr. Luo Weijian
Director of China National Tourism Office Sydney
Dr. Yang Jian
National MP
Mr. Raymond Huo
Labour MP
Mr. Simon Philips
Director of Regions of Maori Tourism
新西兰毛利旅游局地区旅游总监 SIMON PHILIPS
Mr. David Wang
10:30-10:35 Welcoming Remarks by Mr. Zhang Fan
Commercial Councillor of Economic & Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy
10:35-10:40 Speech by Simon Philips Director of Regions of Maori Tourism
毛利旅游局地区旅游总监SIMON PHILIPS 致辞
10:40-10:45 Speech by Dr.Jian Yang (National Party)
10:45-10:50 Speech by Raymond Huo (Labour Party)
10:50- 10:55 Maori Performance
10:55-11:25 Introduction to the "Bushy Beach Yellow Eyed Penguin Protection" Project
10:55-11:00 Briefing about the Project by Nicole Turner
11:00-11:10 Introduction of the "Bushy Beach Yellow Eyed Penguin Protection" Project,
by Dr.Philippa Agnew Chief Scientist of the project
黄眼企鹅保育计划首席科学家PHILIPPA AGNEW 博士介绍保育计划
11:10-11:25 Overview of the CTS partnership with the "Bush Beach Yellow Eyed Project", and introduction to the fundraising auction to support the project,
presented by Howard Chen
新西兰中国旅行社市场部经理HOWARD CHEN 介绍中旅支持黄眼企鹅保育计划情况
11:25-11:30 Lucky Draw to win Air NZ and Air China Return Air Ticket to China

Time: Oct. 14, 9:00am-4:30pm Oct. 15, 9:00am-4:30pm
Location: Experience Zone
Max Seat: 500

Laser Strike

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